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About Us

The Institute for Political Science offers academic programmes at all higher educational levels: our professional and devoted staff conducts political science programmes at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

The BA in Political Science introduces our students first to general theory, methodology and comparative studies, then they participate in seminars where they can learn about such practical questions of applied political science as political risk analysis, public policy analysis, electoral campaign management, and lobbying.

The core subjects of the MA in Political Science are more specific focusing on important areas like political community, democracy, power and governance. The “Political Theory” specialisation intends to satisfy the academic interests of those who wish to have deeper understanding of political thought and take part in higher level academic discourses. The “Public Affairs” specialisation incorporates a set of courses from the field of applied political science targeting particularly key issues and interactions emerging at the borderline of public and private sectors.

Our Doctoral Programme in Political Science has been run in English since 2017. Due to the great variety of both the background and the interests of our international PhD students, it operates with a flexible and adaptive course structure to provide enough room for intensive tutorial education.

Our programmes combine advanced political theory with the applied political science allowing our students to obtain knowledge and skills that will enable them to be equally successful in an academic environment, central political institutions (be it a Parliament, a ministry or a government agency), in regional or local governments, international organisations, political parties or interest groups, political media, think tanks and consulting companies, advocacy- and pressure groups, and companies engaged in public affairs.

In a consortium with the University of Glasgow and other partner universities, our Institute participated in an Erasmus Mundus Double Degree International Master in Russian and Central and East European Studies  (IMRCEES) for seven years. As a result of the renewal of the programme, now we offer a Multiple Master Degree together with the University of Tartu and the University of Glasgow for the graduates of IMCEERES (International Master in Central & East European, Russian & Eurasian Studies) sponsored by Erasmus Mundus.

The Institute has been actively engaged in academic research projects. We hosted and conducted various research projects under the auspices of EU-financed academic operative programmes (TÁMOP, EFOP). Our staff members have also been successful in obtaining individual research grants offered by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian government.

Last modified: 2019.02.23.