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The Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology of Corvinus University of Budapest

Your education will be more than just a Master’s Degree. You’ll quickly develop knowledge, skills and experience that will make employers sit up and listen.

We are always eager to understand persistent social problems including globalization and migration, entrepreneurs and business elites, power relations between men and women, the implications of flexible work-life initiatives and childbearing, the social exclusion of ethnic minorities, drug and alcohol use by the youth. Understanding these issues requires a careful study of the social and economic institutions and the public policy context, as well as sound empirical research to provide convincing evidence.

This four-semester Master programme focuses on the deep understanding of contemporary concepts, theories, analytical sociological models, and is designed to teach the students the importance of critical analysis of social processes and problems. The programme includes a specialization on economic and organizational sociology in order to examine the challenges arising from our social and economic environments.

Our programme is research-oriented. Students will acquire profound knowledge of up-to-date research methods including computer-assisted analysis of qualitative sources, methods of analysing large-scale survey and social network data and methods of impact assessment. In the final semester our students enter into an internship which will broaden their working experiences and improves their final thesis research topic.

Throughout their studies our students learn in an international student environment, and they have the chance to study in another European university within the Erasmus Mundus framework and other exchange programmes.

Depending on the progress in their own research project, students can take part in Student Scientific Research Competitions, publish in sociological journals, and continue the study in our PhD in Sociology programme.

Students will be offered courses in English language development and methodological improvement.


Career opportunities

  • Local, national or global organizations
  • Government authorities
  • Research institutes
  • NGOs
  • Public or private sector companies

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