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Membership in international Doctoral Associations

EDAMBA – European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration Within EDAMBA: Prof. Ágnes Zsóka (Program Director) is Executive Committee member since 2012, holding Secretary General position since 2015

CESEENET – Central and South-East European PhD Network

CEEMAN – International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies

EFMD – The Management Development Network: Corvinus Business School is member

Active participation in the events of those associations:

The Program Director participates at the Annual Meetings and Doctoral Conferences.

Doctoral students participate at the EDAMBA Summer Academy, EDEN Seminars, EDAMBA Thesis Competition, PhD courses at the member schools of CESEENET.

Supervisors participate at the EDAMBA- EIASM Consortium on Doctoral Supervision.


Supporting conference, workshop and summer school participation of PhD students


We strongly support – financially and through rewarding (in the form of credits) – our PhD students to participate at scientific conferences and the evens of the above international doctoral associations.


Membership in editorial boards of international academic journals, International review of the dissertations



Professors of the Doctoral School are active members in editorial boards of international academic journals and also support students in submitting their papers to those journals.

For appropriate quality assurance of the dissertations, we include recognised international professors to review each dissertation.



English courses

The Doctoral School runs the core courses of the program in English. All Specialisation courses (core and elective courses) are offered in English when the specialization has international students.

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