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Student Counseling Center at CUB

General information

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I expect at the counseling?

We offer a non-judgemental, confidential counseling by licenced professionals for Corvinus students. The counseling last 45 min.


How many times do I need to attend sessions?

At the first meeting we will agree on this with you. We can offer 1-8 sessions in one school year per student. The frequency of sessions is determined by your particular situation. The length of the counseling process depends on the nature of your situation. We may also encourage you to follow up with the “therapy homework” generated in your counseling sessions. Therapy homework may include keeping a journal, daily practice of relaxation skills, or tracking your self-care routines.


How can counseling help me?

Many people seek counseling for personal growth and/or because they need help managing the challenges in life. Some worry that seeking help means they are "crazy," “weak,” or “incompetent.” Seeking for help from a licensed professional can be a useful way to work through a challenging time. Counseling is available because we know that many students go through difficult times during the years of their studies.


Is it free?

Student counseling is free for all of the students of Corvinus University with active status.
Due to the high volume of appointments we can offer one to eight sessions per a school year per student. Even though these sessions are not connected with your insurance we kindly ask you to check the status of your insurance before coming in order to prevent difficulties in case we decide to include external medical help in solving your problems. In case you need help or have questions about your insurance your program coordinator is happy to help you.


Are the records of the counseling confidental?

Our colleagues handle your data and the information you share confidentially. However there are exceptions to confidentiality--involving imminent safety concerns. If this occurs we will always try to speak with you first and get your permission to share any information.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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