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Together at the University - Celebration of the Corvinus Science Shop

Date: 20 November 2019, 4:00-6:00 pm
Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest, Main Building, Ground Floor, Lecture Room III. (1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8.)

Since its establishment in May 2017, the Corvinus Science Shop has become an integral part of the university as an increasingly well-known and accepted organization. We are excited about the future, and we continue to work to connect the civil society organisations and social entrepreneurships with actors of education and research to create common knowledge.

To celebrate this, we are organsiing our next event, "Together at University - Celebration of the Corvinus Science Shop" on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in BCE Main Building III (1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8.).

In the first part of the event, with the help of invited speakers and organisations, in a workshop we will take a look at the Science Shop's two-year operation and impact. Then, in the second half of the event, we will hold an awards ceremony with the participation of the faculty's Dean, where we will present the Student, Teacher and Civil Awards. We will aslo announce the call for next year's awards.

"Futures" journal article

A new article is published in "Futures" journal from the pen of Corvinus Science Shop Team members Réka Matolay, Judit Gáspár and Andrea Toarniczky:

Responsive Higher Education through Transformational Practices – The Case of a Hungarian Business School

Futures is an international, refereed, multidisciplinary journal concerned with medium and long-term futures of cultures and societies, science and technology, economics and politics, environment and the planet, individuals and humanity.

Congratulations for Andrea, Réka and Judit! The article is available here:

Business Education with a Civil Parner - Stúdió K Színház - Research Week June 2018

Képtalálat a következőre: „stúdió k logó színház” 

Workshop with the Studio K Theatre

Time: June 5. 2018, 14:00-15:45

Venue: room C.203 

OrganisersMartoni András, Matolay Réka, Gáspár JuditToarniczky Andrea, Pataki György 

How can a good educational or research project with a civil society organisation in business education be realised? What can we teach through questions of our civil partners to our students?

In the frame of the workshop we explore the case of the Studio K Theatre, how the university's education programme can be enriched by living cases, real-life projects with meaningful social impact. 

After we get to know the theatre's work and dilemmas about strategy, business modelling, marketing and communication we are going to look for points of collaboration, forming their challenges into research and teaching projects. 

About Stúdió K Theatre

8th Living Knowledge Conference, 2018 Budapest

Képtalálat a következőre: „living knowledge 8”

8th Living Knowledge Conference

Enriching Science and Community Engagement
30th May – 1st June 2018, Budapest, Hungary

We are pleased to invite you to the 8th Living Knowledge Conference that focuses on science-society interactions: the diversity of ways how societal issues can be included in and interwoven with the activities of education and research. The event is organised by the Corvinus University of Budapest in partnership with the Living Knowledge Network, the Environmental Social Science Research Group and the University of Szeged.

In order to build on and enhance the public engagement in research practices, the conference would like to bring together the existing networks of action research and action learning, citizen science, community-based research, engaged scholarship, open science, science shops, participatory action research, participatory governance, RRI (responsible research and innovation), and social innovation.

Participants are invited to critically reflect on public engagement challenges, on the complex impacts of their science-society partnerships, on social acceptance of research and innovation processes. We aim at an un-conference setting that allows for greater networking among academics and practitioners, researchers and civil society organisations.

The programme of the conference is available here.


Living Knowledge Summer School

28th-29th May, Budapest, Hungary

We invited


  • PhD students and early-stage researchers,
  • practitioners who work in academic settings,
  • practitioners who work at civil society organisations,


who are interested in


  • making research more meaningful by working with and for communities,
  • research methods, educational concepts and good practices that deconstruct barriers between science and society,
  • learning about the concepts and practices of science shop, participatory research, responsible research and innovation (RRI)


to be part of the LK8 Summer School. The aim of the event is to initiate communication between researchers and practitioners, to explore and reflect on our understanding of socially useful knowledge – the characteristics of good knowledge and ways of knowledge production, which can lead to meaningful social changes.

Researcher and practitioner participants will be involved in discussions about the social impact and quality of knowledge facilitated by experts of these fields. Presentations, discussions, knowledge sharing and self-reflection will all serve the purpose to reveal the characteristics of socially useful knowledge.

The summer school provides 4 ETCS credits for PhD students, with two parallel tracks in the topics of Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Science Shops facilitated by experienced tutors throughout the summer school

For more information visit the conference's website

The programme of the Summer School is available here.

Business Education with a Civil Parner - VALYO - Research Week January 2018

Képtalálat a következőre: „valyo logo” 

Workshop with the City and River Association (VALYO)

Time: January 16. 2018, 11h – 13h

Venue: room C.203

How can a good educational or research project with a civil society organisation in business education be realised? What can we teach through questions of our civil partners to our students?

In the frame of the workshop we explore the case of the City and River Association (VALYO) how the university's education programme can be enriched by living cases, real-life projects with meaningful social impact. 

After we get to know the association's work and questions we are going to look for points of collaboration, forming their challenges into research and teaching projects. 



Encounters for Open Science - Science Shop Workshop&Brunch



Encounters for Open Science

Workshop and Brunch

Time: November 17. 2018, 9:00-11:00

Venue: CUB building E, Lecture Room III.

Corvinus Science Shop came to life to promote the concept of open and inclusive university, the deepening of the connection of science and society. The aim of this "shop" is to channel questions of the civil society directly into education and research activities of the university, to build a bridge between academia and society. This enables the common learning of all stakeholders (civil society organisations, teachers, researchers, students).

The event on the Day of Science aims to open up the gate of the university and demonstrate how a cooperative learning process can be realised. We intend to introduce the theoretical background behind the concept and show good practices with the help of our guests which can be examples of education and research processes based on teacher-student-society collaboration. 



Community-based Education Practices at Corvinus University - Science Café

Community-based Education Practices at Corvinus University - Science Café

Time: October 25. 2017, 13:40-15:10

Venue: room C.207

With the participation of colleagues from the Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland) insights of community-based teaching will be shared and worked on by the participants of the Science Café. Four case-presenter- colleagues of Corvinus Business School will offer their ongoing and recent cases, share experiences to deepen our understanding on how students, community organizations and tutors can actually work together during a University course.

Course-Evaluation with RRI for Researchers - Research Week May 2017

Course-Evaluation for Researchers - RRI workshop

Time: May 30. 2017, 14:00-16:00

Venue: room C.107

Organisers: Gáspár Judit, Matolay Réka, Toarniczky Andrea

At the end of the semester we provide an opportunity where participants of the workshop can evaluate their teaching activity in the spring which learnings they can take over to the next semester. Both new and RRI experienced colleages are welcome!

We are also inviting you to participate at a research: we are organising an international conference in 2018, where we plan to demonstrate our work with RRI. Stay tuned!

We Are Open! - Science Cafe about the Corvinus Science Shop

We Are Open! - Introduction of the Corvinus Science Shop

Time: May 4. 2017, 9:50 - 11:20

Venue: room E309

Organisers: Gáspár Judit, Kiss Gabriella, Matolay Réka, Pataki György, Toarniczky Andrea

At the Science Café in May the Corvinus Science Shop introduces itself, which provides teachers and students with questions of civil society organisations (CSOs), giving new and relevant topics for theses or course projects improving the quality of education.

The Science Shop offers not only the matching of questions answers and a platform for connecting but methodological and administrative support as well.

We will talk about visions of the Science Shop, members of the Science Shop Team share their learnings of previous educational projects with civil society organisations: what is their story, how does collaboration with CSOs work and what kind of experience do students gain through this?

Corvinus Science Shop Introduction at the Faculty Research Week

Képtalálat a következőre: „corvinus science shop”

Science Shop: what's in store? - EnRRICH

Time: January 18. 2017, 13.00-15.00

Venue: room C.203

Organisers: Matolay Réka, Gáspár Judit, Toarniczky Andrea, Kiss Gabriella, Pataki György

The Corvinus Science Shop introduces itself! It is an institution of the Corvinus Business School that enriches the faculty's education and research topics with questions of the civil society. It is a "shop" where academic colleagues (researchers, lecturers, students) can find topics, cases and partners while civil society organisations (CSOs) can acquire answers and solutions for their questions and challenges. The demand comes from CSOs' problems and matters, the supply are the knowledge creation processes (research, education) of our university. Our collaboration improves education, research, inclusion and engagement for further development, has an indirect and measurable social impact. 

During the workshop we will talk about:


  • methodology background of education and research with the science shop
  • why we do it: experiences of the Science Shop Team
  • our toolkit: how can the science shop improve our practices

Refresh your curricula with RRI - Research Week January 2017

Képtalálat a következőre: „enrrich”


Refresh your curricula with RRI - EnRRICH

Time: January 16. 2017, 10.00-12.00

Venue: room C.204

Organisers: Matolay Réka, Gáspár Judit, Toarniczky Andrea

In the frame of our workshop we are going to work with our spring semester courses: how can aspects of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) help to these, how can we refresh our course descriptions? We will define development goals for ourselves and our courses for the next semester. We aim to get inspired together and strengthen a micro-community bringing forward the change. New end RRI experienced colleagues are both welcome!

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