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Dear Student,


Below we inform you about the documentation procedure related to Erasmus+ internship mobility. Please read ALL sections of this information carefully. Templates of all documents can be downloaded by clicking on links at the end of this information.



It is imperative that pre-travelling tasks be started to be performed 30 days before the beginning of the mobility at the latest. Corvinus University shall not be responsible for the consequences of not complying with the deadline, including the shortening of the covered period and the reduction of the grant in case.

1) According to the Erasmus+ regulations every Erasmus+ internship completed before the absolutorium has to be included in the student’s diploma supplement. This rule also applies to those students who do a voluntary internship in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme that is not mandatory to their studies at CUB. Regarding this matter please always contact the cognisant Student Registration officer and/or internship coordinator at the faculty.


2) The student shall have an active student status throughout his mobility period. The student shall register for his active status for a given semester even if the internship overlaps with that semester for a single day only. The only exception is summer internship (Erasmus+ mobility may not overlap with the official end of the spring semester and the official beginning of the autumn semester, either) and internship after receiving the absolutorium. Otherwise, the whole Erasmus+ grant shall be repaid. Please check whether your student status complies with Erasmus+ rules according to the above.

3) Full completion of the data sheet (excel file) and its submission to the programme coordinator to internship(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu.

4) Completion of an online language test in the language of the internship. Its link shall be sent by the coordinator from the Online Linguistic Support system following the submission of the data sheet. It shall be sent by e-mail. Please check your spam and promotion folders, too, in case your e-mail account assigns it there. It shall be completed as soon as possible because the result of the test shall be included in the grant contract.
- If the student performs the internship in his own mother tongue, no language test should be completed.

5) Sending of the Letter of Acceptance to your coordinator by post/in person. We can accept only its original version printed on company-headed paper, and signed and sealed by the host organisation.

6) Sending of the European Health Insurance Card (blue plastic card)in e-mail to internship(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu. It shall suffice to send a photo of that side of the card where personal data are indicated.

7) To take accident insurance and liability insurance to cover you at the location of the internship for its whole duration. Please send the scanned insurance policy (policies) in e-mail for documentation purposes. The insurance policy number(s) shall be included in the grant contract. The insurance policy shall contain the following data: name of the insured, beginning and end of the covered period (it shall cover the whole mobility), content of the insurance package (accident and liability), insurance policy number / client identification number. What is a liability insurance for: Any material demages caused by the trainee at the host company shall be covered by the insurance (e.g.: the student accidentally breaks a professional tool of high value and the insurance company meets the costs instead of the student)

Insurance can be taken and confirmed in the following ways:

a) You take it at an insurance company, sending the policy to your coordinator by e-mail.

b) The host organisation takes insurance for you. It shall be indicated in Table C of the “Before the mobility” section of the Training Agreement!

c) There is an insurance attached to your bank card. Please request for a confirmation to this effect from your bank, including all the necessary data mentioned above (name of the insured, covered period (it shall cover the whole mobility), content of the insurance package (accident and liability), insurance policy number / client identification number / bank card number). Bank card-related insurance covers only 30/60/90 days in most cases. If it does not cover your whole mobility, please attach an official declaration (with date and signature, in scanned form) and send it by e-mail together with the confirmation issued by the bank/insurance company.

d) The recommended partner of ESN (Erasmus+ Student Network) is dr. Walter insurance company where liability insurance can be taken together with the accident insurance or separately, too:
    - Dr. Walter health+liability insurance
    - Dr. Walter liability insurance


8) To complete the “Before the mobility” section of the Training Agreement (pages 1 and 2 of the document) and have it signed and sealed. An original copy shall be submitted signed by you and the host organisation in blue ink and sealed (to be send by post). The third signature within CUB shall be organised by your coordinator. 
If you and/or the host organisation need own copies, please ensure it yourself.
The Training Agreement is not a prerequisite for contracting but is one for the bank transfer so please conclude it as soon as possible.

   a) Data at the top of the first page shall be completed.

   b) Table A and Table C shall be completed by the employer.

   c) Table B shall be completed by you. The home institution (CUB) does not provide either accident or liability insurance so please put “No” everywhere.

   d) In Table B, you shall complete only the sub-tables 1 or 2 or 3 depending on whether you complete an obligatory internship (1) a voluntary internship (2) or a internship after graduation (3) abroad. In the case of an obligatory traineeship, please use the dedicated TA template (downloadable from point IV - see below).

    e) How to manage the TA: 1. Download the template from point IV. (see below) - Make sure to use the proper template (academic year + voluntary/compulsary traineeship)!, 2. Fill in every point of the Word document that you have to fill out, 3. E-mail the half-completed word document to your employer to fill in the missing sections., 4. The host company prints the document, signs it, dates it with a blue pen and stamps it., 5. Your employer sends the TA to you by post, 6. You also date and sign the document in blue ink., 7. Deliver the original copy to your Erasmus+ Traineeship Coordinator in person / by post., 8. Signature within the Corvinus University will be arranged by your coordinator. (Important note: If the host company cannot mail you the TA before you leave Hungary, you should travel to the company and sign the document in person and then send it to your coordinator.)

9) Erasmus+ grant contract: Prerequisites for the grant contract are Sections 2), 3), 6) and to present the Letter of Acceptance (Section 4) at least in electronic format. Following their submission, your coordinator shall prepare your grant contract and send it to you by e-mail. Please read it carefully and check the data. Please indicate any necessary corrections in due time. 3 copies of the contract printed, attached together, dated and signed in blue ink by you shall be submitted to your coordinator 2 weeks before your travelling at the latest. Since no contract may be concluded with a retroactive effect, the contract shall be signed by you and the responsible persons of the University on the starting day of the mobility at the latest. Please remember that signature by the University may take one or two weeks so please start performing the above tasks 30 days before your travelling at the latest

The student shall be responsible for the consequences of not complying with the deadline, including the shortening of the covered period and the reduction of the grant in case.

10) Payment of the Erasmus+ scholarship: The grant may be transferred only following the completion of sections 1) to 8). We will transfer the scholarship in EUR. The transaction may take about 2-4 weeks. That’s why it is important to comply with the above deadlines so that your grant be transferred to your bank account by your travelling where possible. Please take into consideration the time necessary for administration and travelling and prepare yourself for self-financing in the first one month in case.

a) The Erasmus + scholarship will be transferred through the Neptun system in EUR.

b) The support can only be transferred to a bank account number that is registered in Neptun. It is the student's duty and responsibility to record the correct bank details in Neptun!

c) Please be sure to enter the same bank details (IBAN code account number, currency, name of the bank name, address of the bank, BIC/SWIFT code of the bank) in Neptun as you provided in the excel datasheet for the grant contract.

d) Please enter your bank details in Neptun as soon as possible, as it is beyond our capacities to check them. The transfers will automatically go to the bank account set in Neptun. Even if this is not the same bank account number that you provided in the excel datasheet, because the transfer is generated by the Neptun system.

e) If you have not opened an account yet / plan to open an account abroad, you can indicate it in the excel data sheet ("Bank account will be opened later."). In this case, the scholarship transfer will not be initiated until you notify your Erasmus+ Internship Coordinator that you have opened the account. After having opened the new bank account, please immediately register it in Neptun and notify your coordinator, too. You should inform your coordinator in e-mail ( by re-submitting the updated version of the Excel datasheet including the bank details.

f) As the scholarship will be transferred in EUR, it is recommended to have a EUR account.

g) The account number must be indicated with the IBAN code.

h) The bank account number in Neptun can be changed or a new bank account number can be added to the old one as follows: (a detailed description on how to do these settings in Neptun can be found here)

        1. Finances > Settings > Bank accounts > Add bank account number (tick the foreign box)

        2. Enter the IBAN code bank account number (tick the IBAN section) and the BIC / SWIFT code of the bank (and, if Neptun allows, the name and address of the bank)

        3. It is very important to set the account number as your default account number otherwise your scholarship cannot be transferred to it.


        4. Press save (after that it will be active. If you need to change, you can correct the data by clicking on the + sign beside it).


11) Grant categories to be provided are described on the website of Tempus Public Foundation (only in Hungarian).

   a) Social grant (+ €100/month)
         - Call for applications for social grant for Erasmus+ internship students
         - Submission deadline: one month before the mobility at the latest
         - The application form shall be requested from the coordinator in e-mail.

   b) Supplementary grant for students living with a permanent illness / disability:

- The amount awarded may vary by student. The decision is taken by Tempus Public Foundation involving a medical expert group.
- Applications may be submitted twice a year, at the end of May and of October. Calls of applications are shared beforehand, however, if you are concerned and wish to apply, you should inquire about it with your coordinator.           
- Award decisions are usually taken by the end of July for May applications and by the end of December for October applications.           
- You should apply only if there is time to amend the Erasmus+ grant contract upon the taking of the decision (end of July/end of December) because the supplementary grant becomes valid by the amendment of the contract and may be transferred following it only. The amendment of the contract may consume as many as 3 to 4 weeks since the amended contract shall be sent by post from abroad and then signed by CUB. So this support is worth contracting only if the grant contract is in force by the end of August/end of January at least (with a view to the included mobility closing date) so that sufficient time be left for amendment following the decision.           
- Since the amount awarded necessitates an item-by-item statement, invoices and receipts of each expenditure incurred in relation to the illness shall be kept.

So we recommend that you start completing your tasks 30 days before the travelling at the latest when you already have your host organisation. Otherwise, you cannot keep the deadline and lose a part/possibility of your Erasmus grant.

Conditions for contracting:
- Letter of Acceptance (at least in electronic format)
- Accident and liability insurance
- Data sheet
- Online language test


Conditions of transferring the grant:

- Conclusion of the grant contract (signed by You and 2 representatives of the university)
- Original copy of the Letter of Acceptance
- Training Agreement
- EU card




1) When starting your internship, please send a scanned version of the Certificate of Arrival containing the date of your starting printed on company-headed paper, issued, signed and sealed by your employer to your coordinator via e-mail to Submission deadline: within one week following the starting of mobility at the latest.

2) Please check that your student status complies with Erasmus+ rules: students still studying should have an active student status (students having their absolutorium are an exception of course).

3) Prolongation:

a) If in the meantime you and your employer agree to continue employment and you wish to prolong your mobility, please indicate your intent of prolongation to your coordinator by e-mail to internship(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu. Since the amendment of the contract consumes some time, its deadline is one month before the closing date of the mobility determined in the original contract at the latest. If the institution’s grant budget and the available max. 12 Erasmus+ months make it possible and if the prolongation does not exceed the max. 12 months following the receipt of the absolutorium and the closing date of the Erasmus project of the current academic year, we may provide financial support for the extra period, too.

Tasks necessary for prolongation:

b) A new Letter of Acceptance which is printed on the company-headed paper, signed and sealed, similar to the previous one shall be required by which the employer confirms your further employment. It shall contain the new prolonged closing date. Its original copy shall be submitted to the programme coordinator by post. For the sake of accelerating the process, it suffice to present the scanned version by e-mail. However, we pay the supplementary grant only after the receipt by post of the original copy.

c) The section “During the mobility” of the Training Agreement (page 3 of the document) shall be completed in agreement with the host organisation, printed in one copy and signed in blue ink (by you and the host organisation which shall seal it; signature by CUB shall be administered by your coordinator) and send it to your coordinator. If you and/or the host organisation need own copies, please ensure it yourself. We pay the supplementary grant only after the receipt by post of the document.

d)  Your accident and liability insurance shall be prolonged or a new one shall be taken for the extra period. Either option shall be confirmed by a contract or policy issued by the insurance company. It shall be send by e-mail to internship(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu.

e) Completing the above detailed tasks necessary for prolongation, your coordinator prepares your amended contract sending it to you by e-mail. You shall submit 3 signed copies of it to the office. Since you shall be abroad by this time, you may submit it by post only which further slows down the process. Contracts may be amended during the validity of the original contract only (and not with a retroactive effect!) which ends on the original closing day of the mobility. It means that you shall have complied with the above tasks, the amended contract signed by you shall have been received by the Directorate for International Issues and Innovation and the representatives of the University shall have signed the amendment by that time. For completing all this in time, it is imperative to comply with the above deadline (please start the prolongation process one month before the original closing date of your mobility at the latest). Otherwise we may not be able to consider your application.

f) Afterwards, if the institutional grant budget makes it possible subject to preliminary consultation, we pay the supplementary grant you are entitled to for the prolonged period to you.

g) Please log in to  Online Linguistic Support system where you completed the online language test before travelling (you may request a new password by e-mail if you forgot the original), and amend the closing date of your mobility according to the prolongation so that OLS do not send a language test to you before its due time.




1) Please have the section “After the mobility” of the Training Agreement (page 4 of the document completed, signed and sealed by your employer and send its original copy to your coordinator. Its deadline is two weeks following the end of the internship at the latest. It shall confirm the effective length of your stay abroad, too, which shall be compared to the number of days supported under the grant contract. If your employer confirms a period shorter with more than 5 days, you shall have a repayment obligation for unused days. If the number of confirmed days does not reach the 60 days required as a minimum in the Erasmus+ internship programme (please remember that all months are considered as having 30 days in the Erasmus+ programme), you shall repay your whole grant
The submission deadline of the document is two weeks following the end of the internship at the latest.

2) The Online Linguistic Support system shall automatically send you a 2nd language test to be completed by you within 1 week as a maximum. Please check your spam and promotion folders, too.  If you cannot find this e-mail, please log in directly to the OLS site (you may request a new password by e-mail if you forgot the original) and complete the 2nd language test. Please inform your coordinator in e-mail about completion because the system does not send a notification about it. 
- Deadline:
 two weeks following the end of the internship at the latest.
- If you passed the C2 level at the first language test, no second language test should be completed, and the system shall not send you the link.

3) You shall receive a link by e-mail to the so-called EU survey. Please complete it within one week as a maximum and notify your coordinator about completion. Please check your spam and promotion folders, too. The e-mail shall be sent from 
- Deadline: two weeks following the end of the internship at the latest.

4) Please write a report on your Erasmus+ internship mobility, which we can upload to the University website. The purpose of the report is to help future Erasmus+ students with ideas, advice, and share useful information and knowledge with the citizens of the university. Reports should be sent to in DOC, DOCX or PDF format. Click here to see the template for the report. You can find a filling guide for the report form here.
- Deadline for submission: within two weeks after the end of the mobility.



Tasks described above including deadlines and important criteria are summarised in a table.



data sheet to the grant contract
Letter of Acceptance
- Training Agreement - 2018/2019
explanatory notes to the Training Agreement
- C
ertificate of arrival
- T
able containing internship-related tasks
- D
eclaration accompanying the bank card-related accident and liability insurance



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