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Regional and Environmental Economics MSc

The focus of the programme is on development policy and environmental issues. Students will obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to analyse economic, social, regional and environmental processes; to develop, implement and evaluate development policy, regional development and environmental strategies and programmes, and to develop and manage projects.


This qualification allows graduates to fill a wide range of positions in urban planning and management; regional and rural development; environmental management, planning and auditing; participation in the development and application of sustainability and climate policies. Employment possibilities include governmental and municipal organisations, large companies, environmental consultancies as well as EU institutions.


Main areas covered are: the spatial aspect of economic and social processes, regional and environmental analysis, regional economics and policy, developmental programming and management, local economic development, environmental economics, environmental policy, environmental management, urban sociology and urban geography, urban management.


We recommend the programme to those who would like to:

  • study economics in an exciting way, learning about alternative approaches, geographic and environmental linkages
  • obtain a master’s degree in economics (even if their barchelor’s degree is not in economics)
  • be qualified for a wide range of positions in the public as well as the private sector, from regional and urban development to corporate environmental management
  • learn from highly qualified academic lecturers as well as practical experts with extensive experience in economic and regional development and urban planning on the local, national and EU level
  • would like to gain fresh, interdisciplinary knowledge about the environmental, social and geographic changes affecting the globalising, but also regionally structured world economy
  • study in the most popular regional and environmental economics  programme of the country, with a strong emphasis on practice and students’ needs, offering a range of extra-curricular activities, study trips and internship opportunities in Hungary as well as abroad.


For further information about this programme click here.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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