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Indicative curricula


Indicative list of mandatory courses:

Corporate and National Budgetary Finance
Development Economics
Development Policy Management and Programming
Economic and Environmental Law
Environmental Economics
Environmental Protection and International Relations
Geography and Development of Budapest and Major Cities
International Development Studies, Development Policies
Introduction in Regional and Environmental Economics Education
Local and Rural Economic Development
National and Geostrategies
Policies Integrating Environment and Climate
Policies of the European Union
Project Course
Public Administration Basic Studies
Quantitative Analysing Methods, GIS
Qualitative Strategic Regional Planning and Analysing Methods
Regional Economics
Regional Geography of Europe
Regional Geography of the World
Social and Environmental Responsibility in practice
Spacial Planning and Urban Development
Strategic Planning, Leadership and Projectmanagement
The Socially Responsible Enterprise
Thesis Seminar I.
Thesis Seminar II.
Urban Economics and Sociology
World Economics

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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