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Final exam topics

Final exam topics for student starting in 2018 or later is downloadable here.

Criteria for the application discourse

Criteria of the entrance examination (see the second half of the document)

Application requirements for communication and media science

Application requirements for communication and media science


In accordance with the Examinations Regulations, students must submit  1 leather bound thesis in print, and the document must be uploaded to Moodle as well. No CD-ROM attachment is required anymore, however, the following attachments are mandatory:

- Application Form for Final Exam and Thesis Defence

- Annotation (2 copies)

- Consultation Log

The deadlines for the 2019-2020 academic year are as follows:

Thesis Proposal

Submission Deadline


Submission Deadline

Thesis Defence, Final Exam

and Graduation

(30 April 2019)

25 November 2019

February 2020

4 November 2019

4 May 2020 14:00 (Moodle upload), 16:00 (hard copy)

June 2020

30 April 2020

to be announced

February 2021

Extensions of the thesis submission deadline can be granted only with permission from the head of the institute for maximum one week. The extension fee is 6.000 HUF a day. A separate course on Moodle will be opened for the extended submission.

Request form for the extension of thesis submission deadline (updated: 04.11.2019)

Thesis Proposal Form (updated: 09.23.2019)

Application Form for Final Exam and Thesis Defence (updated: 09.23.2019)

Thesis Guide MA (updated: 09.23.2019)

Thesis Consultation and Submission Guide (updated: 10.10.2019)

Consultation Log (updated: 09.23.2019)

MA in Communication and Media Science

Communication and Media Science

English Master’s Programme

As a university located in the heart of Europe that admits more than 10.000 students yearly, offering educational faculties in business administration, economics, and social sciences, Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) has always empowered its pupils to tell their stories that induce development, inspire action and create communities in our society. Having expanded students’ barriers and knowledge as a multi-platform communicator at its bachelor programme, Corvinus’ Institute of Behavioural Science and Communication Theory now offers further possibilities to its students to advance their professional knowledge and language skills, foster their awareness and courage and flourish their capacity to handle continuous change at a Master’s programme in English language.

The Master’s degree in Communication and Media Science with its three specializations:

Political Communication

International Communication

Developmental Communication in Organizations

provides students with the tools to enhance their professional carriers and gain leading roles in their future work.

Besides getting acquainted with subjects such as Creative Visuality, Cognitive Psychology, Methods in Communication Training and Counselling or (New) Media Strategy, students who apply for the English Master’s programme of Corvinus University of Budapest will gain an internationally recognised and respected academic qualification, whilst forming transnational relationships and making lifelong experiences. Our inquiry-based, constructive and experiential teaching methods motivate students to get engaged with scientific and professional projects addressing real-life phenomena.

The Corvinus Communication and Media Science Master’s programme can also serve as a path towards the academia:  the one and only doctoral school of communication theory in the region (in English language) is also hosted by the Institute of Behavioural Science and Communication Theory at CUB.


For those heading towards leadership in the field of communication and media or ambitioning an invigorating scientific career, applying for the Communication and Media Science MA at Corvinus University of Budapest is indeed a highly competitive choice to make.

For further information contact/see:

Dr. Gabor Kovacs


Judit Sebestény






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