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Sociology BA

The BA in Sociology is designed for those:

  • who are interested in understanding society, social change, social problems, inequalities and social conflicts in the era of globalization
  • who feel motivated to develop organizations, improve social conditions and solve social problems
  • who are interested in employment in policy making, civil society and service delivery

The BA in Sociology is worth choosing because:

  • the programme offers a cutting-edge and international education at a very competitive price in the Central- Eastern European region
  • students will acquire a solid knowledge of sociology, especially where related to equal opportunities
  • students will also learn about related fields including social history, economics, and social psychology
  • students have the option to choose from a wide range of elective courses in the six semesters of the programme
  • we encourage our students to develop the skills of critical and open inquiry and offer an environment where debate and deliberation is welcome

Graduates of the BA in Sociology are qualified to:

  • understand and explain social inequalities and social conflicts
  • support and evaluate social policy decisions by clarifying the consequences of the proposed policy for social inequalities and social integration

·          support the activities of civil organizations or other types of NGOs

·          obtain and analyze data through the internet or from various public datasets

·          participate in both qualitative and quantitative data collection and research

The employment of graduates

Graduates of the BA programme have successfully applied to positions in both the private and the public sectors. Many of them were admitted to Master programmes, including in top European universities and have progressed to PhD study. Our graduates are typically sought after by research institutes as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations designing, implementing and monitoring public policies aiming to promote equality of opportunity and mitigating social inequalities and social conflicts.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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