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International Relations BA

CUB's Bachelor of Arts in International Relations is a three-year English-language program training “International Relations Experts” as future specialists of regional and international affairs with a comprehensive understanding of world politics and international relations.

  • The program offers ideal preparation for those who wish to pursue a career in public administration, international and regional institutions, NGOs or multinational companies based or operating within Central and Eastern Europe, but it does provide a more global outlook at the same time.

  • The program is hosted by CUB's Institute of International Studies, the leading Hungarian institution in the field of International Relations.

  • The students have the opportunity to choose from a selection of area specialist as well as language courses to build up a useful portfolio.

  • In addition, the program has a multidisciplinary scope with strong IR, international legal, historical and world economics dimensions, with a solid background in the social sciences and a special focus on the European Union.

  • CUB's campus, sitting along the banks of the river Danube, offers a venue for the program well-suited to cater to students' needs. Our location in downtown Budapest, in the heart of Central Europe.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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