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BA in Communication and Media Science


(3 years, 180 ECTS)

The Communication and Media Science BA course in English offered by Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) is the first of its kind in Hungary.

Communication and Media courses run by CUB maintain the leading position in academic rankings based on the assessment of the teaching staff and feedback from students and the labour market. Our BA, MA and PhD courses provide outstanding prospects for everyone who wishes to do or manage professional or academic work in the area of communication and the media.

Our English language BA course in Communication and Media Science welcomes all those who wish to utilize their professional skills and competitive competences in the international arena. For Hungarian students, our BA course in English offers the opportunities and advantages associated with international study programmes taken abroad, without the need to leave their home country. The language of education, our excellent teaching staff, the project-based teaching methods and a focus on the development of professional competences required in organizational communication all contribute to the high quality of the course, making it a strong competitor to similar programmes offered by European and American universities.

Students receive extensive training in the processes, organisations, practices and effects of public communication as well as traditional and new media. Students are also introduced to the most up-to-date international practices in the methodology of communication research, enabling them to study and analyse communication and media phenomena. The course lays great emphasis on efficient practical applications of major findings and theories in communication science; as a result, our students will be fully prepared for designing, organizing, managing and conducting complex communication tasks. Those graduating from this internationally up-to-date, student-friendly and practice-oriented course will become professionals capable of doing high-quality work in a variety of areas in the information society.

Institute of Behavioural Science and Communication Theory:
Program coordinator: Gábor Kovács
Contact: Győry Dorottya - dorottya.gyory(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

BA in International Relations


(3 years, 180 ECTS)

CUB's Bachelor of Arts in International Relations offers ideal preparation for those who wish to pursue a career in public administration, international and regional institutions, NGOs or multinational companies based or operating within Central and Eastern Europe, but it does provide a more global outlook at the same time.

CUB's Bachelor of Arts in International Relations is a three-year English-language program training “International Relations Experts” as future specialists of regional and international affairs with a comprehensive understanding of world politics and international relations.

CUB's campus, sitting along the banks of the river Danube, offers a venue for the program well-suited to cater to students' needs. Our location in downtown Budapest, in the heart of Central Europe, may offer prospective graduates the opportunity to sufficiently get acquainted with and build a professional network within the region during their studies at the leading Hungarian institution in the field of International Relations. The program is fully in English.

Institute for International Studies
Program coordinator: Ágnes Kemenszky
Contact: Győry Dorottya - dorottya.gyory(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

BA in Sociology


(3 years, 180 ECTS)

With a global outlook, the program provides students with a sound knowledge in sociology and related analytical skills and research methods. The curriculum enables students to interpret various social problems throughout the world and to acquire skills and knowledge for the management of social conflicts and problems. The program has a special focus on the comparative aspects of social development and social change. The program is fully integrated into the academic framework of Corvinus University of Budapest being a leading university of social sciences and business studies in the wider region.

The program provides students with a good basic knowledge of sociology, who can help to contribute towards the development of knowledge-based information society, to improve the quality of life, to achieve social democracy and to strengthen social integration. In addition, they will have sufficient theoretical knowledge to continue their studies at master level.

The teaching methodology is highly skill development based and focuses on the practical use of the acquired knowledge. The program accepts the admittance of a small group of students, which makes it possible to devote focused attention to the individual development of each student with regard to their skills and knowledge, to have interactive discussions at the classes, to have feedback-based structuring of courses; moreover, it creates a friendly atmosphere at the lectures and seminars. Classes in research methods are heavily oriented towards the development of problem-solving skills.

The purpose of the Sociology BA course is to train graduates with a good basic knowledge of sociology, who can help to establish a knowledge-based information society, to improve the quality of life, to achieve social democracy and to strengthen social integration. In addition, they will have sufficient theoretical knowledge to continue their studies at the MA level.

Graduates with a BA in Sociology will be able to:

  • explore and analyse social inequalities with the full knowledge of the causes of structural and regional inequalities

  • work on projects aimed at reducing social inequalities

  • provide the sociological background for decisions regarding social policy

  • strengthen social integration, with special regard to complex programmes aimed at the social integration of the Romany, and promote civil organizations

  • collect and analyse empirical data and apply the latest forms of information technology

  • cooperate in the achievement of the objective and subjective conditions for the quality life, enjoyed by the citizens of the European Union.

  • In the framework of ERASMUS exchange programmes our students have the opportunity to study for one semester abroad, especially in Germany, Finland, Holland, Italy, Slovenia and the U.K.

  • One of our primary aims is for our students to experience a good teacher-student relationship. This is promoted not only by seminars and lectures, but also by other forums, such as the Sociology Workshops, Film Club, and other informal events. Some of the students are also involved in research programmes. The teaching staff make every effort to get to know their students and help them to improve their talents. We are proud of the scientific results, excellent theses and publications produced by our students.

Institute of Sociology and Social Policy
Program coordinator: Dr. Tamás Bartus
Contact: Győry Dorottya - dorottya.gyory(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

Last modified: 2019.02.14.

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