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For further details regarding the courses, see course description booklet.

Mandatory courses


Comparative Economics (Syllabus)

Economics of Transnational Corporations (Syllabus)

International Economics (Syllabus)

International Financial Markets (Syllabus)

International Political Economy (Syllabus)

Advanced Quantitative Methods (Syllabus)

Development Economics (Syllabus)

Economics of Global and Regional Integration (Syllabus)

International Business Economics (Syllabus)

International Organisations - Economic Diplomacy

Elective courses


Bank Finance

Business and Society

Changing Macroeconomic Environment for Asian and European Corporations

Comparative Political Economy (Syllabus)

Cost-Benefit Analyis

Finance and Banking in Developing Countries (Syllabus)

Global Security Studies: An Integrated Approach (Syllabus)

Health Economics (Syllabus)

Innovation Management (Syllabus)

International Economic Policies (Syllabus)

Multivariate Data Analysis

Public Policy Process in Central and Eastern Europe

Physical Education

Regional Economics

Small State Studies

State Failure and State-building (Syllabus)

The Globalization of World Politics (Syllabus)


Economy and Business in Central and Eastern Europe


Development and Crises in East Central Europe

Dissertation Seminar I.

Illiberal Democracy in Central- and Estern Europe

Political Economy of Post-Communist Transition in Central and Eastern Europe

The Political Economy of European Integration: Implications for Countries of Central- and Eastern Europe

Business Strategy in CEE (Syllabus)

Comparative Political Economy

Dissertation Seminar II.

European Union Economic Policy Analyst


Dissertation Seminar I.

European Economic Governance

The Political Economy of EU Decision-Making (Syllabus)

Business Strategy in CEE

Dissertation Seminar II.

EU Economic Policies (Syllabus)

Integration and Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe (Syllabus)

International Development


Climate Change and Sustainable Development (Syllabus)

Development Economics II - Institutions and Development (Syllabus)

Dissertation Seminar I.

Dissertation Seminar II.

Globalization, Financial Crises and Development (Syllabus)

Human Development and Security

International Development Policy

International Economic Analysis


International Business Strategy (Syllabus)

International Banking Reform (Syllabus)

International Trade Policy (Syllabus)

International Financial Management

Understanding International Economic Order (Syllabus)

Dissertation Seminar I.

Regional Political Economy (Syllabus)

Globalization, Financial Crises and Development (Syllabus)

Dissertation Seminar II.

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