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For further details regarding the courses, see course description booklet.

Obligatory courses

Comparative Foreign Policy

History of European Political Thought

International Finance

International Law in Practice I.

Public Policy

Academic Writing and Communication

Hungarian Foreign Policy

International Law in Practice II.

Middle Eastern Political Systems

Regional and World Economics

The European Security Architecture

Theory of International Relations

Contemporary Issues in International Relations

U.S. Studies

Latin America Studies

Specialisation Diplomacy

Environmental Protection and International Relations

European Policies of the EU Member States I.

Non-State Actors of World Politics

Thesis Seminar I.

European Policies of the EU Member States II.

Human Rights

International Development and Assistance

International Organisations and Multilateral Diplomacy

Peace, Security and Conflict Studies

Thesis Writing

Elective Subjects

China Studies

Contemporary Hungarian Politics

Deutschland in der EU

Epistemology: Problems of Knowledge

Geopolitics and Geostrategy

Globalisation and Sustainable Development in Asia

International Business Law and Ethics

International Negotiations

Introduction to UK Politics

Islam in Europe

Islamic Sciences: A Historical Panorama

Kin-State policies: historical, sociological, legal and political aspects

Migration Studies

Nations, Minorities and Minority policies in ECE

Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education

Politics of Transition in East Central Europe

Rethinking European Citizenship

Small State Studies

State Failure and State-building

Success to Leadership

The Art of Critical Thinking

The Power of Language in Political Communication

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