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For further details regarding the courses, see course description booklet.

Obligatory courses

Academic Skills

Communication Workshop

Foundations of Sociology

Introduction to Political Science


Social History

Comparative Political Economy

Foundations of Psychology

Foundations of Social Psychology

Introduction to Law

Introduction to Sociological Theory


Computer Labs I.

Economic Sociology

English for Social Sciences I.

Project Work

Social Science Research Methods

The Methodology of Sociological Research I.

Computer Labs II.

Cultural Anthropology

English for Social Sciences II.

Social and Demographic Problems

The History of Sociology

The Methodology of Sociological Research II.

Individual and Group Interviews

Trends in Sociological Theory

Foundations of Organizational Sociology

Global Social Inequalities

Elective courses

Arms Control Studies

Benelux Studies

Central Asian Studies

Civilisation Francaise

Economic History

Elements of Social Sciences

Fachsprache Internationale Studien

Films and History

Geschichte der Ungarischen Sozialpolitiek

Institutional Economics

Landeskunde Deutschschprachiger Länder

Le français des relations internationales

Media Literacy

Österreichisch-ungarische Aussenpolitik

Seeking Asylum: Who is who in the field of refugee protection?

Social Policy Problems in the Media

Social Problems in the Media

Society and Arts

Terrorism and Political Violence

The Art of Persuasion

Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Specialization (Social Policy and Equal Opportunities)

Gender Studies

Social Inequalities

Studies on Equal Opportunities

Thesis Writing I.

Equal Opportunity Policies

Research in Social Policy

Thesis Writing II.

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