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A humanist institution

"A humanist institution that brings together several disciplines from social sciences to natural sciences"

Research university oriented towards education

Corvinus University of Budapest defines itself as a research university oriented towards education, where the scientific performance of the academic staff measures up to the international standard and the students can obtain a competitive degree having a standard and knowledge content identical to similar-profile universities and acknowledged on the European Union's labour market and on a global scale.

The University admitting more than 11,000 students offers educational programmes in business administration, economics, and social sciences, and most these disciplines assure it a leading position in Hungarian higher education. At the same time, its key ambition is to display the institution's uniqueness and to exploit the synergies resulting form professional diversity and from studying multiple disciplines.

Corvinus University, which functions as a real 'universitas', accepts students at three faculties and offer courses leading to degrees at the bachelor, master and doctoral level in countless specialisations taught in Hungarian, English, French or German, qualifying them in a wide variety of fields.

Connected with the international scientific life

There are 7 accredited doctoral schools operating at Corvinus University of Budapest, which have achieved high academic prestige. An important element of the research strategy is to be connected with international scientific life intensively. The University's several organisational units participate in the large international interdisciplinary projects and networks that play amore an more important role in the European Research Space. By compounding life sciences and social sciences, Corvinus University of Budapest can become a determinant factor in both domestic and international scientific life.

Competition and cooperation

The parallel of competition and cooperation is what best characterizes Europe after the millennium from the higher education point of view. Therefore it is very important for Corvinus University of Budapest to appear prepared in the European Higher Education Area and focus on the aim to reach an international standard in education and to provide degrees that are competitive on the European and the global market.

Due to the given geographic and economic conditions, the focus of the international activity is on Europe. Nevertheless, in the pas decade the University has broadened is cooperation almost in every direction. The main aim is to maintain and strengthen existing international relations as wall as to develop new ones, to take part in international networks and to establish joint programmes that are generally designed to enhance student and teaching staff mobility, cooperation to establish joint degree programmes and to carry out joint research activities.

Excellence in exchange programmes

The international acknowledgement of the University is reflected in the number of outgoing and incoming students, which is around 550 annually. Corvinus University defines its main goals and objectives in the light of quality improvement and mobility growth. This was recognised in Spring 2009 when the University was awarded the International Cooperation Prize for the high quality institutional coordination of the Erasmus Project within the Life Long Learning Programme of the European Union.

The University is among the top three institutions in Hungary sending the most students abroad in respect of the Erasmus student mobility programme. The University hosts the highest number of incoming Erasmus students in Hungary.

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