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Main field of study for the qualification:  International Relations

Level of qualification: Master of Arts (MA)

Name of qualification:  International Relations Expert

Official length of program: 4 semesters

Required number of credits: 120 

Aim of study:

The objective of the program is to educate highly qualified specialists who, being knowledgeable in the field of social sciences, possess the skills that enable them to define the place and role of Hungary among the members of the international community and Europe, and can understand the theoretical and practical aspects of international interdependences. Graduates are proficient in languages and have excellent negotiation skills. Their comprehensive background knowledge on history and social sciences enables them to think analytically and systematically. Students are also provided with the practical knowledge to understand and predict tendencies of international economics, law, and politics. They are able to define the role of the East European region among the challenges set by the global community. Graduates are familiar with the development of non-European regions and are equipped with adequate knowledge of different disciplines - civilization, international economics, international law, political theory - and have practical experience in diplomacy, protocol and negotiation techniques. 

Degree requirements:

- Fulfilment of the obligatory courses

- 120 credits 

- Accepted thesis work

- Successful Final Exam (oral exam of the required subjects and defense of the thesis work)

- One language exam at advanced level (C1 complex), or an equivalent certificate. (It must be different from the language of education and different from the mother tongue of the student.)

Program coordinator:  Dr. Péter Marton

Institute for International Studies


Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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