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Round Table Discussion with Professor Garelli


After one and half decade long competitiveness research it was a great honor and pleasure to have Stephane Garelli for a discussion on competitiveness in Budapest on October, 2010.

Professor Garelli is one of the globally recognized academic and professional on competitiveness. For several years his name has become inseparable from the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook. We took the opportunity of his visit to Budapest for organizing a roundtable. Hungarian academics and professionals engaged in competitiveness issues were invited to have a discussion with Professor Garelli. Thanks for their participation and contribution. For preparing the round-table we studied Professor Garelli’s works (some of them are attached in the Appendix), and elaborated a list of themes and topics for discussion. This volume is a typewritten and edited version of the three hour long discussion.

Orienting the readers was our main aim in the editing process. The delivered questions, answers and comments have not got changed. The discussion is divided into chapters and their titles show the main topic of them. Some stylistic improvements were made and footnotes were added to provide background or clarification. The Appendices are to provide the professional context of the notions, issues, and approaches on competitiveness in the roundtable.

We are grateful to all the participants and our technical assistants to have an instructive and enjoyable publication on competitiveness. We agree with Professor Garelli who put it in the roundtable “Competitiveness is a field where everybody has his own definition. Every body has his own opinion. I think we can only a little bit clarify the debate.” We hope that the “little bit clarification” in this publication will enhance further academic and professional work in the field of competitiveness.

The round-table was organized by the Competitiveness Research Center of Corvinus University of Budapest on October 7, 2010. The event was sponsored by the Competition Culture of the Hungarian Competition Authority.

  The REPORT is available here.     

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