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Mathematics of Electoral Systems: Voting, Apportioning and Districting








Arrival by plane

If you arrive by plane at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, then you can choose between three possible ways to reach your accommodation:

  • The simplest way is to take a taxi. Főtaxi is the exclusive partner of the airport with their cars right in front of the airport building. The company is the oldest and one of the most reliable taxi companies in Budapest. For its airport fares follow this link. The usual tip for taxi drivers (and also in restaurants) range from 10 to 15 percent.
  • Another cheaper convenient solution is to take the AirportShuttle-Minibusz.
  • Public transportation: Take bus number 200E to the metro station and take metro line number M3 to reach the city center. This is of course the cheapest and slowest choice, not recommended if you arrive with heavy luggage or late. Public transportation switches to night mode after about 11 pm until 4 am.

Arrival by train

If you arrive by train, then you will get off at one of the following three railway stations:

Though all of these three railway stations are crossings and terminal stations of many bus and tramlines, you probably would like to take a taxi to your hotel. However, it is not safe to take a taxi at the railway stations since you probably have to pay a multiple of the regular fee. You are better advised to call one of the following taxi companies:

When calling a taxi, you should agree on a clearly identifiable location. Another possibility would be to ask your hotel to send you a taxi waiting for you at the railway station, since many hotels have partner taxi companies. However, depending on the hotel this second option might be slightly more expensive.

Last modified: 2013.06.07.