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Study in Hungary

„Shape your career, broaden your wisdom, meet new people, travel and have fun!”


Corvinus University of Budapest invites you to join the community of international students who are visiting its programmes in foreign languages in order to either get a degree or simply to spend a semester or a year gathering credits for your studies. 

We hope that after studying the information and gaining a picture about the country, the city, the university, and its programmes offered in foreign languages, you will realise that it is worth studying in Hungary at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

The country and the people

Hungary has been a tiny but by no means insignificant country in the heart of Europe for 1100 years. It has its own language, which is an island in the sea of the Indo-European languages. It has its own history, which was full of well-known and exciting events, ups and downs during the thousand-year history. It has its own tradition including the folk art different from the neighbouring countries and the unforgettable flavours of the Hungarian cuisine. The never fading inventions, the electric motor, the carburettor, the vitamin C, the computer, the hologram, etc. persuaded the world about the skills and innovative thinking of the Hungarian people who contributed remarkably to the development of the world.

The city

Since Hungary joined the EU in 2004, the Central-Eastern European region becomes increasingly important. International companies are looking for graduates with experience in these countries. Besides, Budapest is not only the heart of Hungary, this impulsive and growing country, but is also in the centre of Central-Eastern Europe. A good starting point for travelling, trade, business, and a lot more. Budapest is a fun place to spend one or more semesters abroad, experience the life of international students and gain valuable knowledge in order to be successful in your future career.

The university

Corvinus University of Budapest was and still is the best institution of its kind in Hungary and also in the region. It is today an internationally recognised institution in the areas of both education and research. Operating with three faculties in the areas of business, economics, public administration, social sciences and international relations

Last modified: 2018.11.30.