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Double-degree programmes




Double degree with University of Palermo, Italy

Palermo has not just nice warm weather all around the year, with palm trees and seashore, but also an excellent university in the middle of the historical city center. University of Palermo is a main European centre of Dynamic System Modelling in Public Sector Management and offers a unique and valuable knowledge in this field.


The double degree program is available for the maximum number of 5 students per year. Two completed semesters are a prerequisite to participation in the program. Student is required to spend one semester in Palermo, where 30 ECTS are to be completed. Corvinus students can have their exchange semester during their last semester (spring semester of the 2nd year).


The following courses are offered by the University of Palermo for the exchange semester: Planning and Control Systems (10 ECTS); Performance Management in the Public Sector (12 ECTS); Elective course(s) (8 credits). In addition to these, thesis Seminar II. (9 ECTS) needs to be completed at Corvinus.


Information on administrative requirements, accommodation, etc. is provided by the host university before arrival. Corvinus students are offered the same conditions and services as those available for local students. No additional registration or tuition fees apply, however other costs (travel, accommodation, insurance, services) must be financed by the students themselves. Erasmus and other funding frameworks may be available.


Students who participate in this this double degree program, need to write their master thesis in English, under the supervision of two supervisors from the partner universities, and defend before a joint committee. The issues related with the thesis are administrated by the home university.





Double degree with University of Groningen, the Netherlands

The University of Groningen and Corvinus University of Budapest have decided to award a double degree in MSc in Economic Analysis program.

Students can apply for Erasmus/Socrates scholarship and the Dutch HSP scholarship if they wish to participate in the double degree programme. Please note that double degrees and scholarships are provided on a competitive basis.

Read more about Groningen:

- The University of Groningen

- Faculty of Economics and Business

- Facts and Figures

- Appendix






Double degree with University of Bamberg, Germany

As the culmination of an academic cooperation, the heads of Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg and Corvinus University of Budapest have decided to launch a double degree programme.

Students with an active status in their 2nd year of the BA Programme Applied Economics of Corvinus School of Economics, CUB, can apply for the programme, the goal of which is to create the opportunity for talented students to gain knowledge related to their chosen fields in both institutions.

Students who are successful in completing the double degree programme will be granted the double degree of OFU and CUB.

For more information, please click here.

See more about the University of Bamberg.





Double degree with Babes-Bolyai University, Romania


Cluj-Napoca has a rich and vibrant cultural and student life, with more than 60 thousand students studying there. Babes-Bolyai is the biggest university in Romania, offering many study programs in Hungarian as well.


During this program, 42 credits need to be completed at the host university (excluding thesis work). Courses at the host university are taught in English. Master thesis is supervised by two supervisors from both universities. By completing this double degree program, Corvinus students can earn an additional diploma (besides Corvinus one) of MA in Public and Non-Profit Management or MA in Public Administration of Babes-Bolyai University.


Only full-time students are eligible to take part in this double degree programme and the registration at the host university is also required. There are no tuition fees at the host university, however other service fees may apply. Travel, accommodation and other costs have to be covered by the students themselves. Document(s) certifying having valid health insurance coverage are required. Erasmus and funding frameworks can be used.





Double degree with Fudan University, China


Fudan University and Corvinus University of Budapest agreed to launch a double degree program. The Program will be available for the MSc in Economic Analysis students in English and Hungaraian training.

The maximum number of students joining the exchange program from each university will be no more than 3 annually. The students from both sides can join the double degree program with a tuition waiver.

Students, who

a)      complete the academic and examination requirements of the Program,

b)      successfully pass the final examination, and

c)      meet the foreign language requirements required for issuing the diploma (hold a language examination),

d)      pass the required thesis and dissertation for issuing the diploma

become eligible for obtaining

e)      the diploma issued by Corvinus, which certifies Economic Analyst qualification, and

f)       the diploma issued by Fudan, which is a diploma for the English-taught Master (EMA) Program in World Economy/Finance.


Students spend their first year (Semesters 1 and 2) in Corvinus studying in the full-time Master’s in Economic Analysis program. Upon successful application to Fudan, and having completed this phase, they can start their studies at Fudan University (Semesters 3 and 4).

Semesters 3 and 4 of the Program take place at Fudan, where students take a Program of English-taught courses from the two-year EMA Chinese Economy or Finance Program curriculum offered by the School of Economics, Fudan. The academic year at Fudan comprises four compulsory courses (11 Chinese credits total), 1 short course (1 Chinese credit)between 3 and 5 optional courses (2 or 3 Chinese credits each), and Master’s thesis (for 3 Chinese credits). Students gain the political and cultural knowledge necessary for understanding the Chinese Economy or Finance on an interdisciplinary level.


On successful completion of the first year at Corvinus and the second year at Fudan and upon satisfying graduation requirements of both parties, students will be conferred master’s degrees from both Fudan and Corvinus as specified above.



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