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Fees and finance, information on payment


Degree programmes

How to pay the tuiton fee?

Certificate programmes

How to pay the tuiton fee?

For free-mover students

Free-mover students pay 400 EUR/course.

How to pay the tuiton fee?

Withdrawal and refund policy

Application fee: We require that applicants to the BA, MA and Certificate programmes pay an application fee of 110 EUR. The application fee is non-refundable.

Deadline for payment of tuition fee: Tuition fees must be paid by no later than the given deadline and proof of payment has to be provided (copy of the bank transfer payment). Students are only entitled to enroll in a program and complete the courses and the exams once the tuition fee is transferred.

Refund of tuition fee: Students who have paid the tuition fee for the semester, but are refused a visa by the Hungarian Immigration authorities will be refunded their tuition fee upon providing proof of the visa refusal. 

Course fee: In the case of free-mover students, fees for courses dropped in the add-drop period (usually the first two weeks of a semester) are transferred back to the student’s account. Withdrawal from courses and reimbursement of course fees is not possible after the add-drop period.

For more information, please consult with our FAQ section.

Last modified: 2017.01.10.

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