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Staff Exchange

Corvinus School of Economics has established contacts with more than 60 universities all over the world. Co-operation can take the form of student exchange (study semesters, completion of a master’s thesis), teaching staff exchange (permanent or short-term lectureships, guest lectures), administrative staff exchange, or double degree programmes.

We welcome visiting teachers, lecturers and experts to enrich our curriculum by teaching in our degree programmes in their own fields of expertise. Teacher exchange is a good opportunity also for the teachers themselves to learn about teaching methods used in another country.

If you are interested in participating in teacher exchange with Corvinus School of Economics, first consult with your home institution to see if there is an agreement between our respecting institutions (Erasmus or bilateral). This way you can also acquire important information concerning the requirements of your home institution regarding teacher exchange.

If you plan a visit at Corvinus School of Economics, please contact us well in advance and inform us whether you are already in contact with members of the relevant department at our institute.

Our team will gladly support and advise you in preparing for your time at Corvinus School of Economics and, of course, whilst you are here. To help us in helping you, we need your support, just as the cooperation of your supervisor or host academic. We see our role as providing a link between you and your host department or institution.

As soon as you can inform us of your proposed visit, we can begin our work in supporting you. Please let us know, at the earliest opportunity, the details of your planned stay, using our registration form.

For further details, please contact us via email.



Prof. Gulshan Sachdeva, India, 2011 and Prof. Nicolas Grinberg, UK, 2011

Hope to see you at Corvinus!


Last modified: 2017.01.09.

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