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Corvinus School of Economics has always considered it important to build partnerships with international and Hungarian institutions alike. The two-fold objective of the Faculty is to make students establish a firm theoretical background in their fields of study and ensure that they, in order to be fully prepared to successfully handle the challenges of the labor market, gain practical experience as well. For this reason, the Faculty works with an extensive network of contact institutions that regularly offer internships (for undergraduate and graduate students) and the chance to participate in research projects (for Ph.D. students mainly).

Among others, the Faculty is in close relationship with major Hungarian research institutions like the Institute of World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and with non-academic organizations like the National Development Agency or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Representatives of the Faculty’s contacts regularly participate in the academic programs, and they play a role in structuring the curricula as well.

When it comes to the international sphere, the Faculty secures the possibility for both students and instructors to gain experience at prominent institutions of higher education by nourishing relations with several partner universities in and outside Europe. The agreements with international partner universities further serve as a basis for hosting a growing number of visiting professors each academic semester.



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