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The Cold War History Research Center was established in December 1998. Since January of 1999 the Center, has been functioning as an independent legal entity.

One of the main goals of the Center is to provide research of Cold War history in Hungary and in East-Central Europe, with an organizational framework and material conditions that make it possible for Hungarian research to be on the cutting edge of the international Cold War history research.

Center’s English language website, providing articles, documents, chronologies, bibliographies and finding aids is the only such institution in the former Soviet Bloc and now it is an indispensable resource for international scholars and students interested in the history of the Cold War, Communism, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Bloc. Since 2009 the Center has been affiliated with the Institute of International Studies at Corvinus University of Budapest.

Cold War History Research Center provides Internship programs for the students from various backgrounds. All interested individuals are highly promoted to apply for the internship. As far as the official language of the internship is English, national composition of the interns in the Center is very diverse and multicultural.  

Since 2010 the Center organizes an annual two day English language international student conference on the Cold War. The 7th conference is being held in May, 2016 (please check for the details:



Address: Közraktár u. 4-6. V. 513., H-1093 Budapest, Hungary

Tel: (+36)1/482-7236, Fax: (+36)1/482-7255



E-mail: coldwarhistoryresearchcenter(at)gmail(dot)com

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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