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How to apply for the permanent student ID?

Go to the Document Registering Office (Okmányiroda), where your photo is taken and you have to sign the application form. You have to identify yourself so do not forget to take

• ID, passport or driving license or birth certificate (anyakönyvi kivonat)
• address card (lakcímkártya) with you.

You can go to any Document Registering Office. There is one near the University in district 9: 1092 Budapest, Bakáts tér 14.


Nagyobb térképre váltás


You will receive a NEK-code from the office which you will have to use in Neptun when you fill in the application.

Apply for the student ID through Neptun.

Go to Administration – student card request      
Add new – number: NEK-code from the Document Registering Office
              – demand type: első igénylés. 
Pay HUF 1.400 for the student ID through Neptun. 
Go to Finances – Payments and fulfill the payment.
You will receive your student ID by post to your address.
If you need a temporary student ID turn to your program coordinator after you have done steps 1-4, and you will get a printed form that serves as an ID for 60 days.


Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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