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Letter to the Community of Corvinus| 2020.03.26.

Presidential Commitee's supporting letter to Corvinus teachers, colleagues and students in this extraordinary period caused by the coronavirus.

Dear University Citizens, 

these times are extraordinary for all of us. The spread of the Coronavirus has turned our lives upside down, leaving us incarcerated in our own homes. We are worried about our children, elderly parents, grandparents. We are going through a hard time both mentally and, most of us, physically, too. We are trying to complete our work from home as well as prepare lunch for and study with the children or do the shopping for the older members of the family. All of us, the whole Corvinus community are facing the same challenges.

At the same time, a crisis like this is always an opportunity to stop for a moment, and give some thought to our ways of operation, accomplishments and even organizational defects. Throughout history, crises have always been important stimuli for renewal.

One of the main lessons of the past few weeks for us is that a prominent university cannot be without a high-quality digitalized operation, state-of-the-art digital tools, and online presence. This is one of the main goals of the renewal process that started last year. We were at the beginning of this process when suddenly the virus drove the whole University into online operation.

In the past week a lot of colleagues made extraordinary efforts to make the launch of online education possible today. We appreciate that greatly! It is likely that during the first couple of weeks we will experience glitches with our online operation as this is a new and unusual situation for our educators and students alike, so we need a lot of patience and cooperation on both sides. But we will certainly be able to overcome the difficulties by concentrating on our very important mission: each and every student shall be able to complete this semester successfully.

Even though the coronavirus separates us physically, the renewal process will not stop. We will keep working on modernizing our university by creating a more efficient operational structure. This is only possible with your support, as you, our colleagues working in academics or operation-support jobs, and You, dear students are the key in our performance.

Dear Lecturers! You are facing weeks of challenges and we know you are in a difficult situation. But we are sure that you will harness your competence and the best of your skills to educate the students in the framework of distance learning. We will give you all possible support and help both methodologically and technically. Our most important task now is to keep the academic year up and running, as you are the ones educating the elite of the future, those who will become the decision makers to prevent or tackle crises like this one in the future. Let us say special thanks to the colleagues of the Teacher Training and Digital Learning Center for providing the guides to the methodology of the distance education.

Dear Colleagues working in support and service jobs! You are carrying a lot these days too. You are operating institutes and departments from home, catering for the needs of the students and doing all the other jobs that keep our university running. We are aware that despite the unusual challenges you also go the extra mile to make sure that the University and its educational activities keep going. Let us say special thanks to the colleagues of the IT Service Center, who during the past weeks have made every effort to make our transition to distance education successful. We want to say thanks also to the colleagues of the Procurement and Logistics Office for providing the infrastructure needed for distance education and distance working.

Dear Students! This semester is definitely unusual also for you. We are sure that you have many questions and maybe also fears about distance education. You need to know that for our University it is the most important to ensure the continuity of your education, and we will ensure all conditions for you to be able to complete this semester successfully, regardless of the circumstances. We also thank the Student Union for transmitting all the information about distance education to you.

Students living in dormitories and our dormitory management and supervisory colleagues also had to face unexpected situations due to the necessary series of measures to curb the spread of the virus. Hereby we would like to thank the students for their discipline. Thanks also to the leaders of the dormitories who organized the eviction very well organized, professionally and with the greatest effort. The Student Union helped here also very efficiently, their leaders themselves and many students volunteering through the Student Union helped dormitory residents to move out within an extremely close deadline.

To our lecturers and to our colleagues working in support and service jobs we have sent methodological guides and IT material to support distance work, in the past weeks. In the upcoming weeks you will receive more materials to help you with your work as well as your mental well-being in this demanding situation.

We have been and will be together in success and now we are together in hardship. You can count on us, we can count on each other!


Presidential Committee:

Prof. András Lánczi, Rector

Dr. Lívia Pavlik, Chancellor

Dr. Anthony Radev, President



Last modified: 2018.11.30.