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Celebrating 30 years Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations



The Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations reached a special milestone this year. To celebrate our 30th anniversary we are organizing a two-day event, and all students and faculty members are welcome to attend.



Date: 4 -5 April 2019

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations


4 April 2019

Focusing on Community

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest, building C


C 510 / Dean’s conference room

09.00 Welcoming speech: András Lánczi, Rector

09.10 Official opening: László Csicsmann, Dean


Celebrating 30 years of Social Sciences: a roundtable discussion of the former deans

Moderator: Beáta Nagy

4 April 2019 (Thursday)

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest, building C

Programs hosted by the Faculty’s Institutions





Institute of Behavioural Sciences and Communication Theory

Com3.0 – Communication: A Compass for Competitiveness

Room C 326

English section: PERCEPTIONS


Réka Benczes: Forever <s>young</s> senior: Perceptions of older adults in Hungary


Gábor Kovács: Managers' perceptions of the relative importance of specific communicative competences at the workplace: Generation differences in managers' priorities


Tamás Bokor: Experiences and perceptions about teaching AI among students and teachers


Institute of International Relations

Room C 557

Novelties of the Transnational Conflict in Syria:


Major new trends and developments from the last eight years


Institute of Sociology and Social Policy

Lecture Room C X.

The beauties and challenges of studying at a foreign university


Interactive performance led by Ágnes Havril



Centre of Foreign Language Education

Lecture Room C VII.

Explore Cultural Diversity-Quiz

Explore Hungarian Culture




The Faculty as a social (play)ground

This year’s intensive week is framed by the Faculty’s 30th and the University’s 70th anniversary. All Thursday’s programs are focusing on the jubilee, aiming at community building and edutainment. 


13.00 – 13.30 Corvinus Tours – a guided tour for Hungarian and foreign students about the history of Corvinus University of Budapest.

Base zero: building C, ground floor


13:00 – 13:45

Meet the Dean! The Dean’s location is unknown... Find him and have an informal meeting with the leader of the Faculty.


14:30 – 16.30

Games, fun quizzes about the Faculty. Open for students, lecturers and staff

Base zero: building C, ground floor

A grand game awaits all students! Registration is open for everyone, besides, we encourage participants to form groups with students from other majors and programs. A group is limited to 4-5 students. We also invite teachers to join these groups, if they wish to take part in the game.

All groups will have 6 tasks to complete. The questions will cover the Faculty’s institutions, and the major fields of Social Sciences. At each station, players can score points, for which they receive a piece of a puzzle. After station 6, groups are required to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Participants will receive awesome prizes of academic value!


17.00 – 18.30

Alumni Talks with our formers students (How did they benefit from their studies?)

Venue: building C, Room VII

Also, conference call on Skype with our foreign Alumni students

Venue: C 664





5 April 2019 (Friday)

Focusing on Academics

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest, Main Building, Room III



10.30 – 14.30



10.30 – 11.30

Viktória Endrődi-Kovács: The effects of Foreign Direct Investments on the Hungarian economy and society

Attila Melegh: The fear of population replacement. Longer-term demographic change ín Central and Eastern Europe and the history of population discourse

Zoltán Gálik: Integration or Disintegration in Europe


11.30 – 12.00 Coffee Break



Hungarian section

Székely Levente: Forever <s>young</s> senior: generációs percepciók

Dúró József: A visegrádi országok migrációs politikájának változásai 2015 óta

Varga Ágnes: Szinergiák: egy kutatás margójára


13.00 -13.30 Coffee Break


13.30 – 14.30

Presentation of case-studies by Master students




Venue: Main Building, ground floor


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