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The Youth Delegates to UN at Corvinus| 2016.12.01.

On the 29th of November 2016, Tamás Pesuth the Director for International Relations welcomed the UN Youth Delegation. For the first time, Hungary appointed its first Youth Delegate this year, which is held by András Volom.

The Youth Delegates represent their respective countries in the decision-making process. Their task is to inform the youth on global issues and to represent them through their opinions and to  advocate for their interests.

During the meeting we discussed the global goals for the youth and the role of education - including the universities - in contributing to this process. Looking at the role which Corvinus University of Budapest plays in Central and Eastern Europe, we wish to further cooperate with the region including the EU Youth Delegates.

The Corvinus University of Budapest is a strong advocate for contributing towards the UN sustainable developmental goals. Cooperation between Corvinus and the UN is represented by our honorary doctor, Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary-Genearal,  our professor,  Mihály Simai who is the president of the Hungarian UN Society and the Youth Delegation of the Society , the International Diplomatic Student Association that is an active student association at our university.



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