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60th Anniversary of KÖZGÁZ, Scientific Conference, 3-4 October, 2008| 2008.09.29.

Dear Guests, Students and Alumni, Welcome to the KÖZGÁZ 60-year Anniversary Conference.

The name ‘Közgáz’ is an abbreviation we have always used no matter what the official name of our university was. Over these 60 years KÖZGÁZ has always focused on the same disciplines in the same building in an unchanging academic atmosphere. It is thanks to the joint effort of our colleagues and business partners that we can now celebrate our 60-year jubilee in such a fitting way. I feel honoured to be able to invite you to the events of this conference.

Prof. Tamás Mészáros
Corvinus University of Budapest


Central Events of the Scientific Conference:

- Plenary Session: Prof. Tamás Mészáros: Celebrating the past 60 years, Main Building, Lecture Hall IV, 10.00-13.10, 3 October, 2008

- Ceremony conferring the title of honorary Doctor to Prof. Eric S. Maskin, Nobel Prize laureate in Economics, the title of the lecture: "Mechanism Design: How to Implement Social Goals", Main Building, Lecture Hall IV, 10.00-13.10, 4 October, 2008

- Scientific Lecture, Prof. János Kornai: "The soft budgetary limit: a phenomenon in the hospital sector", Main Building, Lecture Hall IV, 10.00-13.10, 4 October, 2008

Pre-registration for the Central Events is necessary: kommunikacios.iroda(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

Time: 3-4 October, 2008
Venue: Main Building, Corvinus University of Budapest, Fővám tér 8, H-1093 Budapest
Programme Description

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