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The delegation of Soochow University at Corvinus University| 2014.07.02.

The five delegates of the renowned private university from Taipei, lead by Wei-ta Pan, President of Soochow University, were greeted by Mihály Görög and László Palkovics, Vice-rectors of Corvinus University on 19th June.

After exchanging the signed contracts of cooperation, further details about the conditions of extending the newly established relationship were discussed at the meeting with other faculty members who were involved: Dean of the Faculty of  Social Sciences, László Csicsmann, Vice-dean of Faculty of Economics, István Benzes, Executive Chairwoman of Corvinus School of Management, Mária Dunavölgyi and also Dorka Krasznahorkai, Head of China Centre.

The purpose of this second visit by Soochow University was to establish the basis of a partnership for their long-term contribution and investment in the region, namely to start double-degree programs, to encourage students’ mobility and further on to set up a brunch university.

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