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Welcome to Corvinus University of Budapest!

The University is a great institution of higher learning, education and research. Building on almost a hundred years of tradition and with one eye always on the opportunities for renewal, we are working hard to ensure that we provide our students with useful and important knowledge and thereby prepare them to succeed in the labor market as well as in personal and community life. Our goal is to produce a body of research that is interesting and important for Hungary, Europe and the world, and contributes to the advancement of our common causes.

The University is faithful to the original idea of the university: we aim to educate free human beings. We believe in the universality of knowledge, and that thinking is based on recognizing differences revealed by debate.

The University is a community of professors, students, researchers and administrative personnel. We are convinced that outstanding achievement may only come about in cooperation with others, in a community.


Prof. Dr. András Lánczi

Last modified: 2018.11.30.