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Student life

Corvinus University offers a wide range of academic events; it is not simply an educational institution however. The long chats in the cafés, the football games in the local pubs, the dances of the Freshmen’s Ball and the parties over the year are an integral part of the Corvinus experience.

Corvinus University has several organizations students are welcome to join. For instance, AISEC - with a membership of 20000 students at more than 800 universities in 95 countries, largest student organization in the world – organizes programs on various themes in economics. Members are given the chance to learn what it is like to work in a team, planning and implementing programs they have been dreaming about. With the support of the American Embassy, Corvinus University further hosts American Corner Budapest (AC), which serves as a resource center for information related to American culture, history, government, and the current events of social life. AC organizes numerous interesting cultural programs, as for instance debates or exhibitions that all students are welcome to attend.

With an emphasis on physical education, the University offers a wide variety of sporting opportunities, from basketball and aerobics to dancing and martial arts. Students are encouraged to join one of the several sections of the Student Sport Circle (basketball, volleyball, floorball, football or judo). If they wish to participate in regular P.E. classes, the majority of them is available free of charge. They can also participate in either the annual „Hungarian University or College Championship” or at the summer „Campus Olympics”.

Students’ Council (SC) is a special student organization that represents interests at various university forums. Its members encompass all registered students of the University. The delegates take part in the decision making committees at the faculty and at the university level. Students have a decisive voice in a large number of issues, including education and examination matters, teacher evaluation, or use of the university building. The SC regularly organizes various programs like Corvinus University Days, festivals, cultural or sport events.

The Exchange Student Network (ESN Corvinus) and the CEMS Club Budapest create and supervise all the programs for international students every semester. They organize fiestas and trips like the Fresh camp, the orientation trips, sightseeing tours both in Budapest and the different regions of Hungary. They are further responsible for the International Flagparty, for the Carnival Party, and the Movie Nights.


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