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Health care and insurance

For students whose home country has a bilateral agreement with Hungary on health care, medical examinations are free of charge, but the medicines have to be paid for. 

Citizens and/or residents of countries that are not part of the European Economic Area and which do not have bilateral agreements with Hungary on the provision of health care, have to pay full price for the health care services rendered in Hungary. According to the Hungarian legislation, the health care provider can set the fee basically freely; therefore, the Hungarian National Health Insurance has no influence on the amount of fee charged. In order to avoid discrimination, it is important, however, that the health care provider applies consequently the same fee for the same services. For this purpose, most health care providers have established price lists that can be consulted before the treatment.

For students coming from a non-EU country, we offer a healthy insurance package that is compatible with the Hungarian one.

In order to learn about health care services available during temporary stays in Hungary, please click here.

For the contact information of English-speaking clinics and pharmacies, please see Health, Hospitals and Pharmacies.

Last modified: 2013.04.17.

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