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Public Policy and Management MSc programme has acquired European accreditation| 2019.09.19.

Public Policy and Management MSc programme has acquired European accreditation


The international accreditation of the MSc in Public Policy and Management programmes of the Faculty of Economics has been just successfully concluded.

The European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA) has been the key actor promoting the creation and propagation of European administration and public policy study programmes for the last 20 years. Based on the decision of its Accreditation Board both the Hungarian and the English language programmes of Corvinus were awarded EAPAA accreditation for the next 7 years, valid until 2026.

The teaching and research work of the Institute of Economic Policy and Public Policy remain closely embedded into the international academic community and tied to the most renowned foreign institutions of this study area, bringing the master programmes’ curricula closely in line with European standards. Thus, the Hungarian language variant of the programme has acquired EAPAA re-accreditation (it was first accredited in 2012), while the English language vairiant has been accredited for the first time.

One of the three major accreditation bodies currently existing globally in the field of public administration and public policy study programmes, EAPAA managed to create a widely recognized “elite club” of study programmes in Europe. As a result, the successful EAPAA accreditation contributes to the national and international competitiveness of the study programmes, and thus to the increase in the employment opportunities of programmes’ graduates.

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