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Mission & Strategy

Scientia mea - adiutor meus (My knowledge is my helper)

The name the Corvinus University of Budapest reflects an institution with a human-centred view based on humanist ideology that is committed to the human, science and culture centred traditions and values appropriate to the universitas while evoking a renaissance world, focusing on refinement, details, diversity and value creation. Commitment to the name of the Corvinus University of Budapest means the identification with European values. The establishment of the institution within Hungarian higher education fits well into other economic and social changes that are concomitants of EU membership. The objective is that the connection to European higher education should be a positive and long-term growing process.

The University's mission

The mission of the Corvinus University of Budapest is to maintain an international standard of creating and transmitting values in the form of teaching, research and consulting activities, all in the context of academic freedom. The University strives to operate in a legally and morally unquestionable way. Therefore, the University requires its citizens to comply with the law, respect human dignity unconditionally, protect the natural environment and cultural heritage actively, and eventually, combine high professional skills with responsible work. The Corvinus University of Budapest regards its teachers, students and researchers as the most important creators of value in the institution. The University pledges to promote their creative professional involvement in Hungarian and international scientific life in every possible way.

The common goal of ongoing research and innovative development projects at academic workshops is to improve the quality of human life. Research conducted in fields including knowledge-based economy, economic policy, environmental management, modernization of public administration, social justice, equal opportunities and equal treatment, food security, garden product quality, organic agriculture, urban planning, landscape protection, as well as the image and safety of public spaces all target the creation of better living conditions, an improved quality of life, and the development of social, economic and environmental conditions.

The joint research and innovation objectives of the Corvinus University of Budapest serve the creation of a more viable world. Each faculty contributes to the improvement of the quality of life with the research results of their respective disciplines.

The Corvinus University of Budapest seeks to strengthen its international presence by utilising all potential opportunities for cooperation in international education and research. It is a basic objective of the University to offer an increasing number of foreign language trainings and joint degree programmes. A further goal is to increase student and staff mobility and to take up a more active role in encouraging international research. The Corvinus University of Budapest intends to make the scientific community - both Hungarian and international - respect and appreciate the results achieved by our students and faculties.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.