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Corvinus Business School

Corvinus Business School is the centre for education and research in economics, financial management, management and organisation, business, management sciences and management practice. The high quality of education offered by the Faculty is guaranteed by the fact that each subject is taught by lecturers who are specialists in the given science or discipline, equipped with the necessary academic and practical knowledge. A sign of the international recognition of our educational and research activity was the fact that in November 1996 the University became a member of the CEMS (Community of European Management Schools). The Faculty of Business Administration is also member of PIM, EDAMBA, EFMD and CEEMAN.

Corvinus School of Economics

The basic aim of the Faculty is to provide education and research in the field of Hungarian economic policies embedded in a global and European context. After graduation, the students are equipped with the necessary knowledge to take an active role in the forming of economic policy at a global, a European and national levels. The Faculty offers a wide range of relevant topics in the fields of world economy, the European Community and the CEE region, thereby providing the necessary knowledge for those individuals who wish to embark on a career in international or domestic institutions of economic management or governmental agencies.

Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations

The Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations has been rated to be the country’s leading university institution for study of the social sciences. The staff’s outstanding teaching quality and the innovation of its research are responsible for the academic reputation. Departments explore theoretical developments and apply social science research to practical concerns in teaching. The four institutes are centres for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. We pride ourselves as having an important role in training teachers, including future university teachers. We not only conduct research in the social science but also encourage our researchers to collaborate with other internationally renowned universities and extend the boundaries of social science research across disciplines.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.