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Exchange programmes

"Budapest, Hungary, is THE place to be on an exchange programme!”

„Being on an exchange is such a wonderful experience that it should be mandatory! It opens up your mind to so many things. And Budapest is the perfect city for that. First, it has a very good university, with helpful people and good level teachers. Then it is so much enjoyable living there: many things to do and see, very young and animated, many parties. And finally, from Budapest, you can go and see many other places of central and eastern Europe in Hungary (Szeged, Kecskemét, Pécs…) and abroad (Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania…). To sum up, Budapest, Hungary, is THE place to be on an exchange programme!”

Bastien, HEC Paris, France

International exchange programmes

  • LLP/Erasmus
  • CEMS
  • PIM
  • inter-university exchanges
  • double degree programmes
  • joint degree programmes

Exchange student

Please check here how to become an exchange student at Corvinus University.

General information for exchange students

Special information for exchange students

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