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International university

Commitment to the EHEA

The parallel of competition and cooperation is what best characterises Europe after the millennium from the higher education point of view. It is very important for the Corvinus University of Budapest to appear prepared in the European Higher Education Area. The main aim is to maintain and strengthen existing international relations as well as to develop new ones, to take part in international networks and to establish joint programmes that provide the students with a double or a joint degree.

Partners worldwide

Due to the given geographic and economic conditions, the focus of the international activity is on Europe. Nevertheless, in the past few years the University has broadened its cooperation almost in every direction. At the moment the University has long-term agreements with over three hundred universities from all over the world. These agreements are generally designed to enhance student and teaching staff mobility and joint research activities.

International organisations, networks

Corvinus University of Budapest holds membership in major organisations and associations of European universities as well as in associations all over the world.

Corvinus University of Budapest is a member of CEMS (the “elite group” of the Community of European Management Schools) and it was also accepted to the PIM (Program in International Management) which is an exclusive worldwide organisation of business schools.

Study programmes in foreign languages

Courses taught in foreign languages have extraordinary importance in the international relations, as the University’s extensive foreign relations are based on these programmes. Corvinus University of Budapest offers courses taught in English, German and French. Faculties have developed courses taught in English to enable students to receive BA or MSc degrees.

Joint /double degree programmes

As a result of the development the University take parts in eight joint programmes and three of them are supported by Erasmus Mundus of the European Union. Besides the University has several double degree programmes with universities mainly from Europe. 

Training for Hungarian minority communities in neighbouring countries

A very important element of internationalisation is the University’s conscious strategy concerning training provided outside Hungary, in areas of Hungarian minority communities close to our borders. The Faculty of Horticultural Science offers programmes in Horticulture in Zenta (Serbia), Miercurea Nirajului (Romania) and Beregovo (Ukraine). The Faculty of Business Administration launched a programme in Organisation and Management at master level in Miercurea Ciuc (Romania) in 2010 and the Facultyof Social Science provides a BA in Sociology since 2011.

Exchange programmes

Corvinus University of Budapest is an active participant of the EU-financed programmes (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monnet), which enable research, mobility, curriculum development, intensive programmes, and internships.

Due to high number of partners outside Europe the University can offer study abroad semesters for its students all over the world.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.