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International programmes

Diversity, quality improvement and mobility growth

A natural characteristic feature of the joint programmes is the intensive student and teaching staff mobility. In this field there has been a great improvement at the University in the past few years, which is expected to continue. The international acknowledgement of the University is reflected in the number of outgoing and incoming students, which is around 500 annually. About 20% of all students coming to Hungary within the framework of the largest European mobility programme (Erasmus) choose our university as a venue for their studies.

Corvinus University of Budapest is proud of having numerous bilateral agreements with highly acknowledged universities from all over the world. These programmes can provide a great study opportunity and a lifetime experience for the students involved.

The University’s international relations are not limited to agreements promoting student and staff mobility. The departments also have contacts with several higher educational institutions from abroad with whom they support common educational and research programmes.

LLP / Erasmus

The exchange programme assuring the largest mobility is the Erasmus programme, which is a higher education programme of the European Union, designed to enhance cooperation between higher education institutions. The University sends and hosts students and teachers from nearly all member states of the European Union.


The other exchange programme in which Corvinus University participates as a partner or a network coordinator is the Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS). The CEEPUS programme promotes academic mobility in Central and Eastern Europe.


Within the CEMS (Community of European Management Schools) programme 40-45 students a year are given the opportunity to spend a semester at one of the most prestigious European universities and besides their Hungarian diploma they can also obtain the highly-valued CEMS Master's Degree in International Management.


The Partnership in International Management (PIM) is a programme of cooperation among an international consortium of higher education institutions outstanding in their field, leaders in their region, which deliver a graduate-equivalent degree in management.

Double and joint degree programmes

The double degree programmes enable the students to get the diploma of each participating universities. Corvinus University of Budapest has a double degree programme with several universities in Europe and outside Europe.

Joint degrees give another possibility for the students to get outstanding career opportunities throughout Europe. Although all participating universities are involved in the curriculum development, the students are obliged to study at two different universities during their master studies.

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