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Dear Fellow CEMSies,

this is the official webpage of CEMS V4 Conference Budapest 2012, being held 12-15 April 2012.

My name is Chris Evans and I have already been there. How did I do that? Let it be my little secret. Anyway it is just convenient that I can show you what to expect in advance.

In the followings you can find my video blog with frequent updates about what happened to me at V4. For further details browse the webpage.

Cheers, Chris


Episode 9 - The End Of It


Wooooo, drrrumrolll... :)

Hey Fellows,

let me present you the final episode of my video blog. Maybe it will answer some questions that were raised during the last two weeks. Don't hesitate to take a look and share your thoughts on Facebook.

Anyway I hope that you found useful and funny this little series and I could help you decide not to miss this epic conference in Budapest.

I really much looking forward to meeting you there!

Cheers, Chris

Episode 8 - Lace'n' Wheels



after all of us could get dressed we arrived to the scene of the HRM workshops. Procter&Gamble seem to have its regional offices in Budapest and they made a huge HR reorganization recently. Good prospects for an interesting day.

Apart form that finally we could lay eyes on the mysterious wheel that nearly run me down during the first day. But still no clue how did it land in my suitcase. For sure I did not put it in it.

Cheers, Chris

Episode 7 - Tie Break


Morning Everyone,

time passes by so fast in Budapest. We are already heading towards the second day of the conference. As we get ready for it I turn Tony's camera against him :) He had a little trouble getting dressed, but a good friend always helps an other out, doesn't he?

In just an hour we are at the University and you can take a sneak peak in the upcoming workshops.

Cheers, Chris

Episode 6 - Simply Szimpla




after an exciting day of energy conference we went out to chill a bit... and started getting rid of that 100.000 that I accidentally got out of an ATM. We visited Szimpla, an iconic bar in Budapapest, which is BTW in the TOP3 best bars in the world according to LonelyPlanet. Indeed cozy :)

Stay tuned, cos afterwards we'll have a Rotation Dinner on a floating restaurant. We met some company reps and outlooks to some cool jobs.

Cheers, Chris

Episode 5 - Conf Calls



how are you guys? Here is the 5th episode of our adventures in Budapest. Finally we are at the first day of the conference and started to collect ECTS credits :) It is about energy infrastructure in CEE, which is really a hot topic nowadays, considering the delicacies of politics.

By the way, watch out for the Hungarian currency, cos all those zeros at the end can confuse you. All in all, you won't need a lot of it, cos the conference is all-inclusive. In case you mess it up like me, you won't have a problem finding cool places to spend it :)

Cheers, Chris

Episode 4 - Chill Out



I am more and more excited to see how many of you is following this little blog. After all it is for you to know what to expect from the conference.

Here is the episode about what happened to us on the night just before the conference. We chilled a bit in the hostel, playing table football. When the rolling mystery guy from the corridor just turned out to be a fellow CEMSie. What's up with him?

Tomorrow we'll hit the conference, so expect some details on that, as well.

Episode 3 - Rock this City!


Hey All,

after realizing what a nice day that was, we went to check this stunning city out. Did you know that Budapest is in the TOP 10 most beautiful cities according to ucityguides. Or have you seen this popular meme on tumblr? Anyway I can only confirm that Budapest is indeed the perfect material for photo geekz :)

We also performed a little "street art" to notify Budapest people what is gonna happen during the weekend. Poor guys would have never had a clue of what had hit them. :)

Don't be shy, tell me your opinion on Facebook.



Episode 2 - Kick Off At the Hostel


Dear All,


check out this stylish hostel in the heart of Budapest where all the CEMSies around the world have their accommodation during the V4. It is awesome with graffitis about movie actors/actresses such as Jackie Chan (shishishi) and Uma Turman (Pulp Fiction). The rooms are big and very well-equipped and everything is in Budapest style. The hostel owns a cinema as well! amazing!!! such a great athmosphere for getting prepared for the parties and dinners... But what was that orange thingy? Where did it come from? it is still a mystery for me...



Episode 1 - Homecoming


Dear Fellow CEMSies,

Let us introduce you our video blog of V4 Conference Budapest 2012. Though the conference will be in April 2012 we have already been there... but never ask how:) Therefore we can show you all epic moments during the V4 Conference Budapest 2012 in advance.

We are Chris Evans and Tony Stonam who decided to record everything during our stay in Budapest. We attended the workshops, the dinners and took sightseeing tours that you all can experience by yourself, as well during the conference. And of course, we partied hard...

If you are curious what Budapest lifestyle means and what a CEMS conference in Budapest can offer to you, you can follow us either through our video blog on this site or our Facebook site.

But who we are? A short biography about us can be found below.

Chris Evans


My name is Chris and I come from London, UK. But as an LSE student I am on exchange at University of Cologne where I can truly experience the CEMS Spirit.

But how did I come to Budapest to V4? I just got an e-mail from the CEMS Head Office and when I read the topic I already knew I have to know more about this area with future possibilities. I have heard so many things about Central-Eastern-Europe, especially nowadays in this political and economic situation but I have never been there before. So I was really excited about the opportunity of taking part in V4. I expected a lot, but not that much as I got in the end. :)

During the V4 I met nice and creative people from the Central-Eastern Europe. Honestly, I had a lot of false stereotypes towards these countries. But in my opinion Central-Eastern-European people are the hottest around the world. You have to experience that! Creativity and energy is all around you...

My motto is: “To infinity... and beyond!”


Tony Stonam

Hey there,

my name is Tony and I'm originally from Warsaw, Poland. I have an international family background, so that's why my name doesn't sound Polish. But in my heart I am a true Polak :)

Right now I am an exchange student at University of Cologne. There I met Chris, with whom we made a road movie about the wicked stories in Budapest. Although I quite know Central-Eastern-Europe, I learnt a lot during the conference. And of course Hungarian women and parties were mind-blowing as always. :) Seriously, I am so proud of the hidden and uncovered treasures here. And Budapest... don’t even mention it. I still cannot stop smiling when I think of this weekend at V4. Budapest is not just a party city as I assumed before, but a city fuelled with a lot of brilliant minds.

My motto is „What the heck?”

(The answer came from Chris who had studied the geography of Hungary: The ‘hekk’ is a species of fish from the area of Lake Balaton.)

So please enjoy our short stories and see you there in April 2012!


Chris and Tony

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