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V4 Conference

V4 Conference is an event rotating between Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. Last year the first V4 conference was hosted by Warsaw the second one will be held in Budapest.

Being a regional event, CEMS V4 has three main priorities. Besides valuable professional programs, it focuses on strengthening the Central-European CEMS community and on providing further possibilities for students to get to know the CEMS corporate partners.

The conference is mainly aimed at international CEMS students studying in Warsaw, Prague and Budapest, together with the prominent students from the University of Economics in Bratislava, but any CEMS students are welcomed.

This year's issue focuses on


  • The burning topics of the energy infrastructure, presented by MOL and MOL Energy trade

    • MOL Group, the most notable energy company in CEE, and MOL Energy Trade will guide you through the region's energy strategy and infrastructural specialties.

    • Plenary session and workshops
  • Human Resources Strategy in the CEE region, presented by Procter&Gamble.

    • Have an insight to the human resource challenges of the region from Procter&Gamble. Apart from our corporate partners, highly esteemed academic members will hold a workshop for those how are interested in the driving forces of today’s labor markets.

    • Small group workshops

Students, who attend all the professional events, gain 1 Skill Seminar ECTS.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.