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Global Challenges to R&D and Innovation Policy| 2007.03.01.

Fourth International Prime Doctoral Conference

Venue: IKU Innovation Research Centre, Budapest
Time:   21-23 June 2007

The aims of the PRIME Doctoral Conference are:

  • To enlarge and deepen the international networks of doctoral students from the PRIME Network of Excellence organisations and other academic institutions interested in the themes of this international conference.
  • To establish linkages between senior and junior researchers engaged in research on the PRIME agenda, comparing and contrasting their experiences and research findings.

The themes of the conference papers should be linked to the main themes of the PRIME Network. The planned sessions are:

  • The governance of research and innovation in Europe (e.g. international/national/regional policies, institutional changes, public-private interactions, emergence of new actors, policy-making in multi-actor spaces, innovation systems)
  • Measuring science, technology and innovation (e.g. the need of new indicators for policy-making, measuring the impact of STI activities, patents, investments in R&D, evaluation, foresight)
  • The case of new STI performing countries (e.g. the challenges posed by the rise of China, India and other dynamic developing Asian countries, their inclusion into the existing research networks)
  • Innovation in firms and industries (e.g. the extent and impact of the globalisation of R&D, new forms of conducting innovation, R&D networks and strategic alliances, industrial dynamics)
  • Spin-off companies as the engines of regions (e.g. new firms & growth, regional issues)
  • Other proposals related to the research areas covered by the PRIME Network of Excellence (see the section Joint Programme at http://www.prime-noe.org)

The working language of the conference is English.

Application deadline:
Abstracts should be submitted by Monday, 19th of March 2007

Invitation and detailed conference programme
Pre-registration form

Utolsó frissítés: 2018.11.30.