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The Institute of Political Science at Corvinus University of Budapest is the only academic centre in political science in Hungary which is designed to offer degrees in political science of solid foundations in economics.

Our B.A. programme (undergraduate level) focuses on teaching political management of American-type. We offer our students general courses in theory, methodology, and comparative analysis. Later on they may attend also courses of some practical profile, i.e. courses which let them experience the everyday routine of specific political- and political risk analyses, election campaigns, political marketing and political communication, government studies and lobbying, or political financing.

Our new M.A. programme (graduate level), to be started in 2009, also includes specialisation in Applied Political Science (minor in Public Affairs) in addition to the traditional theoretical training in political science (minor in Political Theory). Training in Public Affairs offers students the opportunity of taking a job at national political organisations, regional or county institutions, local governments, political parties, trade unions, in the Press or the Media, at research institutes and consulting firms, lobby organisations, or at companies with government links.

Students specialised in Political Theory have also the chance for academic progression and may apply for a position in our Postgraduate Research School to pursue a Ph.D Degree in Political Science.

Our Institute, in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics, is about to launch a new Master's Programme (M.Sc.) in Political Economy. We will offer a two-year programme (in Hungarian) for B.A. graduates in Economics and Political Science. In the academic year of 2010/11 we are to start a one-year M.Sc. Programme in Political Economy also (in English) for students
with an M.A./M.Sc. degree.

Until our programme in English is approved exchange students, including students of International Masters in Russian, Central and East European Studies, may enrol in classes in English provided by the Institute of Political Science and its academic partners.


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